Frequently Asked Questions

Is the vehicle insured during delivery?

Yes. We carry a $5,000,000 insurance policy should the vehicle sustain damage while being transported by one of our qualified drivers.

Does your insurance coverage extend to the United States?

Yes. Our $5,000,000 insurance coverage is valid throughout all of Canada and the United States.

What type of vehicle do you move?

Our drivers are qualified and capable of transporting any size vehicle from passenger cars to tractor trailer units and everything in between.  We can also transport CNG (compressed natural gas) fuelled vehicles.​

Can you transport oversized/overweight units?

Absolutely. We specialize in transporting oversized/overweight vehicles both within Canada and to  and from the United States. We obtain all specialized permits necessary to move your commercial vehicle to its final destination within compliance of all CVSE (Canadian Vehicle Safety and Enforcement) and USDOT (United States Department of Transport) regulations.

Does Smithrite Delivery Services Ltd. complete customs paperwork for cross border entry?

Yes. We complete all the necessary documents to ensure the vehicle crosses the Canada/US border. Please note, the customer still is required to obtain the services of a custom broker in order for us to complete the necessary paperwork. We can work with the custom broker of your choice or recommend  a broker for you to choose.

Does Smithrite have a drug and alcohol policy for drivers?

Yes. Pre-employment testing is mandatory and drivers also undergo random testing.

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